Looking for an inexpensive computer for work or school?

You've come to the right place.  Below are some cheap new computers you can buy that will meet your basic computing needs with ease.
These are basic computers that are not suitable for gaming or graphic design but will do just find for basic tasks such as watching movies, surfing the web, email and word processing.

You might be asking yourself wouldn't a used computer suffice just fine instead of wasting money on a new computer?  Maybe sometimes - but like any used product you can never be sure 100% with what you are really getting.  Can you be positive it will last for a few years and be trouble free?  I bet your time is more valuable than tinkering with an older computer to save a few bucks.

Check out the deals that can be had on new computers nowadays.  Computers are always dropping in price and you can get a new computer for alot less than you think.  New computers don't necessarily cost $1,000 anymore.

Checkout this inexpensive new computer from Amazon.  Includes a monitor, keyboard, and mouse for under $350.

Reasons you should buy a new computer instead of buying a used one:

A used computer might not come with an operating system.

A used computer might not contain a restore disk if your computer crashes.

It might have physical damage.

There might be damage on the inside you cant see.

There might be something wrong with a component or something is failing or working slow - this could be why someone is eager to get rid of it.

It's not worth the time and energy to get an older computer fixed.  If it crashes with your files on it - would it be worth it to pay hundreds for a revovery specialist to retrieve your files?  
                If not -then you would have lost all your files.  

There may be dust buildup on critical components - this can cause overheating and early failure of those components.

An older computer most certinally has older hardware in it - and this means its usually not as fast or reliable as a new computer.  
                A faster computer can actually save you time - which saves you money.

New processors are usually more energy efficient - meaning you will save money over time if you use your computer alot.

An older computer might not run the latest programs or software.

Laptop batteries do not hold a charge for very long - so keep this in mind when looking at a used computer - you most likely will have to buy a new battery (could be $80-100 on some                         laptops)

A new computer will most certinally have a larger hard drive than an older computer as technology is always advancing.  

DDR3 RAM is much faster than DDR2 RAM (few years ago) - About twice as fast.

Virtually all new computers support 64bit operating systems (more than 4GB of ram) if you ever decide to upgrade it.

A used computer might have spyware or a virus on it.

Used computers do not come with warranties (unless you pay extra for one)

The used computer may have been used in the past for ilegal activity - and can still be tracked down through its MAC address once connected to the internet.   
                The MAC address is like a digital fingerprint and can be used to track down a computer long after the crimes in question.  An IP address is not unique and can't                 used to track physical computers.

Desktop Computers are usually upgradable.  This means in the future if you wish you can add more RAM, a larger Hard Drive, Video Card, or even upgrade the CPU or motherboard if you know how.  In other words you aren't stuck with your computer the way it was made.  Computers are highly customizable to your needs.

So buy a NEW computer today if you need one.

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